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Monthly Archives: October 2012

There was a problem with ” values causing the app to hang.

This is fixed for all platforms.

Please continue to give us feedback to make the app even better then it already is!


IOS6 has rotation issues.

In iOS 6, AJAX requests always get cached, this causes a problem in our app.

We have implemented a solution for both issues, and are now waiting for Apple to update the AppStore with a new version, 1.3.1.

This normally takes a few days (ETA: Oct 21).

We keep working to improve your experience!

Version 1.3 of Best Resume Creator is released today for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Depending on the review time of the various appstores the new release will be shortly available for your phones.

The following new features and bugfixes are found in version 1.3:

* sharing options (also fixed Android sharing bug)
* added language: espagnol
* added language: nederlands
* PDF create option in resulted resume
* view resume ordering not correct
* publish slide not always shows correct value
* Empty sections should not show in resulting resumes
* PDF print should wrap text
* long text in results do not stretch div height?
* Limit touch row to edit text to 1 line and move it to top of page
* validations espagnol/nederlands
* Section rows should be editable
* delete button did not refresh screeen
* speed issue when saving fields
* remove horizontal lines beneath empty cells

We are experiencing lag issues in the app at the moment.

Especially for users in 3G/4G networks.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.

We located the problem and work hard on implementing the solution.