Best Resume Creator by Oscoweb


  • 1. Requirements
  • 2. Create a new user
  • 3. Login
  • 4. My Resumes
  • 5. Resume
  • 6. My Credentials
  • 7. Log out
  • 8. Help


An internet connection is mandatory for this app to work properly.
The site “” needs to be accessible through your firewall.

Create a new user

First choose a username. If you pick one that already exists the app will give you a warning.
Then choose 2 identical passwords.


Log in with the username and password you created before.
If you forgot your credentials a recovery email can be made for you when you press the “forgot” button.

My Resumes

Here you will find a list of resumes made by you.
If the list is empty your have not yet created one.
To make a new resume, simply click “New” in the My Resumes screen.


A published resume is visible for anybody. You will find the publish/private option on top of every resume.

If you want to change data on a resume simply click the text you wish to alter.
If you want more data in a section simply click the “+ add line +” for extra data.

On a resume screen the following “sections” of data are available for usage:

  • General data, where the following data is mandatory: name, street, postal, city/state, phone number and email address.
  • Skills, here at least 1 skill is required. (for example: “English speaking” “Fluent”)
  • Courses, give at least 1 course. (for example: “Driving” “DMV”)
  • Experience, give at least 1 experience and the period this experience was acquired.
  • Studies, give at least 1 study.
  • References, give at least 1 reference.

The buttons at the bottom give you extra options.
You can view your resume (note: private resumes can not be viewed).
You can also share your resume via email, or copy the URL to the published resume for other needs.

My Credentials

In the credentials screen it is possible to change your password, or change you email address.
You will need your old password for this. Your password can be reset via the “forgot” button in the login screen.

Log out

This will erase all locally stored data from your device and will require a new login if the app is used again.


Go to if you have any question or feedback regarding the app.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK using this great resume maker to find the job you always dreamed about!



3 Comment(s)

  1. francis alis

    November 4, 2013 at 6:54 am

    I download BRC but I can’t make my account with this app. Please help me to how to use this app, I am using blackberry 9320.

  2. Héctor Miguel Martínez parra

    July 7, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    I download BRC play for it but i can’t make my account with this app. I need help for how use it.

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